About Us

Our Vision or Aims

The flowers needs good soil, the student need good environment with a view to bring about balanced and harmonious development of the future. The Ambika Public School is Co-educational medium based on C.B.S.E. Curriculum. The Ambika Public School does not think about familiar background it cares think about student. It aims at and does impart a practical purposeful education to pupils far and wide. It Provides all round education physical, mental and spiritual growth of the children.This School is one of the important links in the glorious chain of Magath educational movement. The School has been setting a new milestone in catering to the need of the students for their multi-dimensional development. Ambika Public School Provides modern facilities of science, a rich library, a well equipped Hi-tech Computer Lab, a large field of outdoor game like badminton, football, volleyball, Kho-Kho etc. Positives ideas are included in the students as regard their personal hygiene, neatness of uniform, cleanness of surrounding, graceful manners, obedience and discipline.

Important rules

  1. Presence of opening day after the vacation is must, absence without information registered by guardians will be treaty as Discipline manner.
  2. Books, Copies, & Dress will be provided by the authorized shop.
  3. Payment of school fee should be made within 1st week of every month.
  4. Signature of Parents/Guardian in dairy is essential on every working day.
  5. Required Special dress on the occasion of cultural program will be provided by Parents /Guardian.

Salients Features

  1. A neat environment and campus in the Posh area of the town.
  2. Teaching by team of efficient teachers.
  3. Teaching with audio-visual aids.
  4. Computer facilities.
  5. Learning by doing.


  1. Through interview and written test
  2. A birth certificate issued by Municipality /Hospital / Block/ Gram Panchayat/Nursing Home, Affidavit of a court or equivalent
  3. Transfer certificate for standard 2nd on wards
  4. Overall growth and observation are the main consideration for admission

Features of the school Cultural Activities

School gives lots of opportunities for self expression and advancement of cultural heritage. On every Saturday there are special programs like dramatics, dance, music and fine arts. Every child gets the opportunity to participate.

House System

Co-curricular activities are introduced on house basis to induce leadership quality, healthy competition and team spirit. The house have been named after significant colors - Blue , Green, Red and Yellow.

Dress Code

Classes Nursery to X from 1st April to 31st March(Only on Saturday)

  1. White T-shirt with Red /Blue/Green/Stripes on color & Sleeves
  2. White socks with red Stripes and White shoe medium Toe
  3. White Ribbon/Hair band (For girls). From 2nd April to 31st March (From Mon to Fri)
  4. Shirt with white background and black and blue stripes with school mono embroidered on pocket
  5. Dark blue Shorts/Skirts/Pants,Socks with red Stripes,Black Shoes

Winter Uniform

  1. Navy Blue blazer,Dark Blue full pants(only for boys)
  2. Girl can wear Black Slacks during winter


  1. No student is allowed to attend any function without proper school uniform
  2. Identity card and school dairy shall be kept daily by each child
  3. Vests should be worn compulsory under the shirts/blouse
  4. Sports uniform should be compulsory worn where sports meet is held in the school
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